Setting up Checkfront to work with Room Types


Setting up Checkfront to work with Room Types


Many properties have multiple units within a single room type, such as:

  • Double Private (3 Units)
  • Etc.

Within Checkfront, many properties create unique "Items" for each of these rooms, such as:

  • Mapleview 1 (Double Private A)
  • Mapleview 2 (Double Private B)
  • Mapleview 3 (Double Private C)
  • And So On...

However, most External Channels (such as and Expedia) require you to market rooms within a "Room Type", such as:

  • Double Private Room (Qty: 3)

When this happens, it creates a mismatch between the room setup within Checkfront, myallocator, and your external Channels:


Due to this mismatch, neither the channel nor myallocator know which Room (Mapleview 1, 2 or 3) the booking is for.  When this happens, myallocator sends the booking to Checkfront, but does not know or state which specific room the booking is meant for.  In this case, the property is required to select the appropriate room for the booking.



To solve this dilemma, you can setup Checkfront to work with "Room Types" instead of "Individual Rooms".  Here is how:

Myallocator Setup

Your first step is to setup the room type within myallocator properly.  To do this, create the Room Type, and specify how many rooms you have within this type, such as:

  • One Bedroom with Kitchen
  • Occupancy: 4 People
  • Number of Rooms: 2

Channel Setup

Once the Room Type is setup in myallocator properly, next you will map the Room Type to your Channel Room Type.

If you need help with this process, please see this article: Step 4: Connect Your Channels and map your rooms



Checkfront Setup

Your next step is to create/modify the Item within Checkfront to include the correct Quantity

  1. Login to Checkfront
  2. Inventory
  3. Items
  4. Select the item if it already exists, or click New Item
  5. Assign the proper Category
  6. Near the bottom, click Attributes
  7. Set the Inventory to the number of rooms you have for this room type, such as 2
  8. Set the proper room options
  9. Next
  10. Save
  11. Done

Checkfront and myallocator Calendars

Once the above steps have been completed, you will see a Quantity next to your desired Room Type, and it should match between Checkfront and myallocator:


External Bookings - Calendar Quantities

When a booking comes in for the room type from one of your connected channels, the Quantity will be reduced correctly in both myallocator and Checkfront:


External Bookings - Customer Calendar

When the booking is imported, the Customer Calendar will show one entry for each booking, as shown below:


External Bookings - Status

When the new booking comes in, it will be designated as "New".  You must open the booking and update the status for it to reflect in the Calendar:

  1. Click the Booking
  2. Import Booking
  3. Verify the Room Type
  4. Click Add to Booking
  5. Next
  6. Continue
  7. Continue Again
  8. Change status from Pend to Booked

Multiple Bookings within a Single Room Type

When another booking comes in for that room type, once you have imported the booking as shown above, the additional booking will be displayed accordingly:

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