I am receiving multiple booking notices for the same booking - why?



When a supported channel sends any of the following to myallocator, we are contractually obligated to forward that notification to the property, even if it results in multiple notifications for the same item.

  • New Bookings
  • Modification to existing bookings
  • Booking Cancellations


At times, a channel may send multiple updates/notifications for the same booking, and they may even contain duplicated information.  When this happens, myallocator will continue to sends out updated booking emails, but will limit the number of notifications to a maximum of 20.


If the channel has a technical issue that causes email duplicates, you may receive duplicated emails (but no more than 20) for any particular booking.  This is beyond myallocator's control due to the fact that we must forward on booking notifications when they are sent to us by a channel.


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