HRS bookings show incorrectly as Cancellations - why?


In this article, we will discuss why certain HRS bookings show as "Cancelled" when in reality, they were simply "Modified"


When a new booking is received by HRS and forwarded to Cloudbeds/myallocator, it will be imported just like bookings from any other channel.

However, if that booking is modified (even if it's a tiny modification), HRS will forward us a "Cancellation" of the original booking, and will then forward us a new Booking ID with the modified booking information.


In the screenshot below, you see two different Booking ID's:

  1. 79941033-150860948 is Cancelled
  2. 79941033-153684301 is Booked

In reality, these are the same booking - but there was a modification to the original booking (79941033-150860948) which causes it to be "Cancelled" by HRS.  HRS then sends us the new booking ID - 79941033-153684301.


Aside from some initial confusion, there is no real impact to this situation.

The original booking is cancelled and the new booking takes its place, resulting in the same inventory allocation for your rooms.

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