My rooms have different descriptions on each channel, how do I reconcile with myallocator?



Your rooms may be listed with different names or descriptions on each of the various channels such as, Expedia, etc.


On, you have the following rooms:

  • Standard Queen
  • King Suite

But on, the same rooms are listed with different names:

  • Queen Room, Standard View
  • Luxury King 


When creating your myallocator rooms, be sure to use a name that you can easily differentiate.  An example is:

  • Standard Queen Room
  • Luxury King Suite

When you go to map these rooms to each channel, you will map the correct rooms together, such as:

  • Standard Queen Room = Standard Queen
  • Luxury King Suite = King Suite


  • Standard Queen Room = Queen Room, Standard View
  • Luxury King Suite = Luxury King


Myallocator only controls the Availability and Rates on your channels.  We do NOT control:

  • Room Names
  • Room Descriptions
  • Policies
  • Etc.


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