Google Adwords Information


Google Adwords Information


The BookNow widget is not compatible with Adwords due to how Google Adwords expects to track the data.  They expect a source field to be passed to them, however  our widget is based off an iframe, and there is no source provided.


BookNow is myallocator's complimentary booking widget. It's a great option for properties that need a simple copy and paste solution for their website. It's designed to be streamlined, so it does not have the functionalities and customization one might find in a full-featured booking engine.

We are not making any further changes to the BookNow widget moving forward as it's something we provide to customers for free with their myallocator subscription.

If you have a need for further features and functionality, we do offer a full booking engine called mybookings.  You can see an example of how it looks here.

For more detailed information about the mybookings booking engine, take a look at the feature list and details here.

If you are interested in mybookings, you can absolutely request a demo through our website.

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