InstantWorldBooking (IWB) PMS Announcement


All connections from the IWB Calendar System to myallocator will be terminated after February 10, 2020.

Message from IWB:

"If you are using the IWB Calendar as a PMS/Interface to feed your availability updates to myallocator (the service formerly known as IWB Channel Manager), those connections will be disabled on or after February 10th. Recently we announced that all our IWB PMS functionality, including connectivity with myallocator, is being migrated to our advanced property management system, called We encourage you to migrate to

Note that this change will not affect myallocator's connection to IWB as a booking channel. If you wish to continue to connect to IWB's Calendar from myallocator after the above-mentioned date, you may simply activate the Instant World Booking channel on the myallocator interface."

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