How to set up rates for additional categories in myallocator and HRS?



HRS divides rooms into standard categories and additional categories. Additional categories are like a child to standard category (Budget room, Comfort room, 3 and 4 bed room). Room rates of the additional category have to be configured in relation to the price of the standard category.

This has to be configured both in HRS and in myallocator.

It's not possible to send the the rate update to HRS if this is not configured exactly the same on both sides.

Note: If the availability of standard category on a specific date is 0, myallocator won't be able to update the ratel for the additional category.

1. In the example below 4-bed dorm has a surcharge of + 0.01 over the standard rate. We want this to be +22.

Go to HRS availability page and click on the any available date of the additional category.

2. Set the surcharge to be +22 EUR

Make sure you are selecting a longer period of time.

3. Once this is set it should look like this:

4. Go to myallocator > Manage > Channels > HRS and reach the screen below. 5. Set the surcharge for 4-bed room to be +22

5. After this is done for all the rooms please do a full refresh in Availability page

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