Warning! There are other properties assigned to this [Channel] ID


Warning! There are other properties assigned to this [Channel] ID

This article will help you understand and resolve the error mentioned above.


When setting up myallocator, it is possible for you to have created multiple accounts in the past.  

In some cases, you may have an older account that is partially setup with some channel connections already made.  If you create a new account and attempt to connect the same channels to the new account, you will receive the warning shown below:



Several solutions to this problem are listed below, please try them in this order

Solution A: Login to the old account and remove the channel

If you still have the login to your older account, the easiest solution is to disable the channel from the old account:

  1. Login to myallocator
    • Note: if you have forgotten the password for your old account, click "Forgot Password" to reset your password
  2. Click Channels
  3. Click the channel you need to disable.  In this case, I am clicking LateRooms
  4. Click Disable Channel
  5. Click OK to confirm

At this point, you have disabled the channel from the old account.  You can now proceed with setting up the channel on your new account


Solution B: Contact myallocator support

If you do not remember your old account, you will have to contact myallocator support for assistance.  Please create a ticket with the following information:

  • Your new property name
  • Your new myallocator username
  • The name of the channel
  • Your Channel ID or Username
  • The name and Myallocator ID of the property in the error message that you received. In the example below, the name of the property is "Sample Hostel" and the Myallocator ID is "1".
Have more questions? Contact Support