Decolar Full Refresh Error


Decolar Full Refresh Error

We encountered an unknown channel error


We're having communication issues with this channel.  Please try again later



October 19, 2016

Currentlly, Decolar limits (throttles) how many updates we can send to them on a minute, hourly and daily basis.  When the limit for updates is reached, a full refresh will result in this error:

Failed: 10041 We encountered an unknown channel error. Please contact support or try again later. (#FAULT.OTA.UNHANDLED)



This is caused by too many requests being sent for a property within a certain timeframe.  



Currently, the only workaround is to try the refresh later (you can try different intervals, such as 30 minutes, 1 hour, 2 hours).


Solution (future)

Our development team is working hard with Decolar to improve the number of requests we can submit at a single time.

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