Setting up extra bed rate with Decolar


This article will walk you through the process to set up myallocator and Decolar/Despegar accounts to configure the extra bed rate correctly.

Step 1 - Setup

In order to work with the extra person fee (extra bed rate), several settings must be changed on the Decolar extranet. Contact your account manager or channel support team to update the appropriate settings on Decolar extranet.
Cloudbeds support is unable to manage your extranet.

In the Decolar extranet you can find this configuration by going to:

  1. Web Content
  2. Rooms Edition
  3. Choose the room type that you charge an extra person fee and click to 'Edit'
  4. On the next page, click on 'Edit Despegar/Decolar Extranet Room'

If any of the configurations listed below do not match with the ones you currently have on your extranet, contact support team or your account manager to make all the changes.

  1. Price Model used - Set to be "Price Per Room" and not 'per occupancy'
  2. Maximum number of guests for this room - Set the same amount of people that you set in your myallocator account
  3. Adults - Min/Max - it should also be configured according to what was established in your myallocator account
  4. Minors - Remove values or settings related to children and babies
  5. Extra Charges: Enable extra charges (YES)

Once you receive the confirmation from support team that all the settings above were configured, please proceed with the next steps.

6. Access 'General Settings'

7. Extra Charges

8. Make sure that the extra person fee is correct. If not, contact the Support team or your account manager to set up this price for you according to your needs.
Note that you should add this price on the 'adults' sections and leave the other as zero. allows you to register only single values as shown below. It's not possible to set up percentage or seasonal prices.

Step 2- Myallocator Setup

In your myallocator account you can find this configuration by going to Channels -> Find Decolar and click on 'Setup Complete -> click 'Next' until you get to the Channel-Specific options page.

  • Taxation Settings - Choose if taxes are included or not in the room rate
  • Charge Type - It needs to match with - Choose the option 'per room'
  • Extra-Bed - Choose the option extra bed rate set below and the system will allow you to add the price
  • Extra-Bed Rate - Add the extra guest price
  • Extra-Bed Age - Make sure to select the appropriate Extra Bed Age in this menu selection.  It should match what is set in Decolar.
  • Once done, click 'Next' to finalize channel setup.
Step 3 - Send a Full Refresh
  1. Click to go to the "Availability" screen
  2. Click Full Refresh
  3. Select 'Refresh selected channels'
  4. Choose "Decolar/Despegar"
  5. Click 'Start Refresh'

If there are any unknown errors, please contact our support at Customer support will check the XML of the update to find the reason for this issue and help you resolve it.

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