Icastelli. Overview and Connection Guide


icastelli.net offers you a unique collection of historical hotels all over the world, providing top service to its clientele, not simply a booking website but a Dedicated Club, with benefits and exclusive rates. A journey through the most beautiful destinations in the world including luxurious boutique hotels, design hotels or exclusive riads, for customers with particular needsthat are looking not only for the usual hotel, but something more, a unique travel experience.

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Icastelli OTA: Frequently Asked Questions

Icastelli-myallocator Connection Guide
  1. Before connecting to myallocator property needs to sign up to Icastelli using this link (https://www.icastelli.net/en/how-to-join-us). Icastelli will send the extranet details in order to access the channel's extranet.

The User extranet guide is available here (https://extranet.icastelli.net/help-center) after login with the below extranet details access.

2. Contact Icastelli Support for properties at property@icastelli.net and ask to connect your Icastelli account to myallocator channel manager. Once your Icastelli Account Manager confirms your account is connected you may start mapping process from myallocator side.

3. Login to myallocator, go to Manage > Channels > Add Channel > search for Icastello > click 'Not Setup'

4. Enter you Icastelli Hotel ID (not username!) and password

5. Map/link the rooms between myallocator and Icastelli, click NEXT after all rooms are mapped

6. Add Base Rate adjustment if needed (not mandatory). Click NEXT

7. You are done! With 'Send full refresh to Icasetelli.net' box checked, full refresh will be sent to Icastelli with availability/rates
Click BACK TO OVERVIEW to return to 'Channels' screen

Features Supported

Icastelli.net supports the following features:

Automatic adjustments Yes
Automatic adj. for cancellations Yes
Minimum length of stay Yes
Maximum length of stay Yes
Close days for arrival Yes
Close days for departure Yes
Closing rate plan for bookings Yes
Single Use Rates Yes
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