Why am I receiving 'Your connection will soon be disabled' email notification


Myallocator starts to automatically disable channel connections when the updates have been failing multiple times (for example due to incorrect channel credentials, currencies not matching between OTA and myallocator, rates limitations preventing update from myallocator). After 3 failed update attempts myallocator will send a “notice” email to the property email, which will look like this:

If the error reported on Channels page is not resolved within 24 hours (can be longer, depending on the setting per channel), myallocator will disable the channel connection and send the following email:

You may check the specific error the channel is responding with on "Status" page inside myallocator or by running a full refresh to the mentioned channel. Usually error contains solution on how to fix it, but if you need assistance in resolving the error - contact our Support Team at support@myallocator.com

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