How to Connect Myhotelshop to myallocator


Myhotelshop aims to increase direct bookings to hotels, offering access to relevant marketing channels.

This article explains Myhotelshop customers how to connect this channel to myallocator (Cloudbeds Channel Manager)

Step 1 - Request the Channel Manager Connection

Email the Myhotelshop Connectivity Team to request the connection to myallocator (Cloudbeds Channel Manager)

Step 2 - Set up your site placements

Order your site placements through Myhotelshop.

Visit the Services section in Myhotelshop to find out more about all their available packages.

Step 3 - Confirm your Property Information

Myhotelshop will ask property for all the relevant information about the hotel via the Rate Sheet. Make sure that you mention myallocator as your channel manager.

Step 4 - Complete Registration

Once the registration process is complete, myallocator will send pricing and availability to myhotelshop.

It is not required to connect Myhotelshop on myallocator directly, since the connection with our channel manager is fully done on the Myhotelshop side.

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