Set up the Booking Cut-off time


With cut-offs, the property simply sets a time limit upon when a reservation is made, and the guest's actual arrival. If enabled, myallocator will automatically close availability on the same day based on the setting in the manage area and the block will be sent to all the connected channels.

This article explains how to set up the cut-off time, including the Same Day Booking feature for Book Now.

Set up Cut-off time on myallocator

  1. Click Manage
  2. Go to General Details
  3. Select the Booking Cut-off time according to your needs

If the Same-day booking cut-off time is enabled, myallocator will automatically close off availability for the selected time. Once enabled, it might take until the next day for the first adjustment.

  1. Click Update at the bottom of the page.

Available options for the Cut-off time

The possible settings for the Booking Cut-off time are

  1. No Booking cut-off time: Feature is disabled. It means that the guest will be able to make a reservation today even if the check in date is today as well.
  2. No Same Day Bookings: It means that you don't accept reservations for the same date, regardless of the time.
  3. Same Day Booking until (certain time): This option is available from 1am to 11pm


Let’s suppose your cut-off is 2pm. At 1:20pm, a guest looks at your availability for the same day and will see rooms available, but they don't confirm a reservation. If they come back to your OTA page after 2pm, then they will not see availability anymore.

Book Now - Same Day Booking

If you don't accept same-day bookings for your direct reservations, keep in mind that you need to go to your Book Now General Settings in order to set this up according to your needs.

  1. Go to the Book Now page
  2. Click on Go to Setup
  3. Go to the Same-day Bookings/Same-day Bookings Until section to confirm your settings
  4. Save.
  • These myallocator settings will be applied to Book Now only.  
  • If the Same-Day bookings option is disabled, myallocator will prevent any booking arriving for the same day, regardless the cutoff time.
  • The cutoff time is a tool to be used only when the Same-Day bookings is enabled.
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