GDPR Data and Privacy Controls in myallocator


As discussed in Cloudbeds' GDPR and Data Privacy Commitments, this article will demonstrate each of the GDPR settings that have been added to myallocator.

Export/Remove Guest Data Controls

Under GDPR, data subjects have the "Right to Data Portability"(Data Export) and the "Right to be Forgotten" (Remove Guest Data).

Enabling Export/Remove guest data permission

In order to Export and/or Remove guest data, the user must have permission to make those changes.

Master users (who created the myallocator account) have this enabled by default.

Other users must be granted that permission, if desired as shown below:

  1. Click Manage
  2. Click View/Change Users
  3. Select the User
  4. Check "Export/Remove Guest Data".
Exporting and Removing Guest Data

In myallocator you may export guest data into a csv file (Right to Data Portability). According to GDPR compliance you can also remove the guest personal data (Right to be Forgotten) but keeping the history of stay.

Exporting Guest Data from myallocator

1. Go to 'Bookings' tab and click on reservation

2. Click 'Action' button and select 'Export guest data'.

It will create a CSV file with the guest contact details and will download it immediately:

Removing Guest Data from myallocator


  • Please note that this action CAN NOT BE UNDONE
  • 'Remove guest data' is available only after guest's checkout or cancellation

1. Open Bookings tab and click on reservation

2. Click 'Action' button and select 'Remove guest data'

3. Confirm the action

4. This will remove the guest personal data and display a notification letting you know guest's data was removed.

5. It will also add an entry in the NOTES section showing who removed guest data and on what date.

Please note that the booking price, information (source, date booked, dates of stay), status will remain in the system

Marketing Opt-In Settings for BookNow

In order to support you in marketing compliance with GDPR, we have added the option to ask guests for permission to recieve marketing emails from you.  This choice is notated under their reservation information in myallocator if booked through BookNow.

Enabling Marketing Opt-In

  1. Manage
  2. BookNow
  3. Go to Setup
  4. Check "Ask guest to opt-in to marketing"
  5. Enter "Additional text shown to customer for marketing opt-in:"

Marketing Opt-In on the Booking Engine

When enabled, the Marketing Opt-In will look like this:

Guest Booking Details

The Marketing selection made by the guest when booking looks like this:

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