How to Connect Ingoibibo/Goibibo (MakeMyTrip, Easytobook) to myallocator


Makemytrip, Goibibo, HotelTravel, and Easytobook  has rolled into one single channel - Ingoibibo making it one of the largest online hotels booking engine in India and also one of the leading air aggregator.

Things you should know before you get started:

  • Please check the FAQ section of this article before connecting to check channel's limitations

How to connect Ingoibibo to myallocator

Step 1. Register an account at Ingoibibo

If you already have an account with Ingoibibo (Makemytrip, HotelTravel, Easytobook) - please proceed to step 2.

Go to , fill in the information about your property and click 'Register Now'.

Complete the account with all the necessary information

Step 2. Connect Ingoibibo account to myallocator inside Ingoibibo Extranet

1. Login to Ingoibibo Extranet and open Property section

2. Go to Channel Manager tab

3. Select Cloudbeds as your channel manager, click ADD

Step 3. Connect and map Ingoibibo inside myallocator

1. Login to myallocator, go to Manage > Channels

2. Click Add Channel > search for Ingoibibo (Goibibo) > click Not Setup

3. Enter your access token and hotel code (contact your Goibibo Account Manager to get this info) and click NEXT

4. Map the corresponding rooms between myallocator and Ingoibibo, click NEXT when done:

5. Add base rate adjustment for each room type if needed (here you can enter a discount or an increase of your base rate for this specific channel) and click NEXT:

6. Channel Specific Options:

6.1.  You can set charges for extra Adult, Child or Infant. In any of these cases you can select the following options:

  • Same as Room Rate: The rate for an extra person will be the as the Room Rate.
  • Do not set Extra person Rate: You will not set a rate for any Extra person.
  • Extra Rate person Set Below: Select this option if you would like to set a custom flat rate per extra person in the field below.
  • Percentage Relative to Room Rate Set Below: Select this option to set a percentage derived from your base rate. For example:
  1. Your room rate costs 100.  If you select this option and set -20, the cost for an extra person would be 80, 20% lower than your room rate.

6.2. Rate type your property uses on Goibibo

B2c is for those bookers of Goibibo who are individuals. (Recommended)

B2b is is a rate the property has agreed to also sell at a discounted rate for business or to a Goibibo contracted company.

Mybiz is a product by Goibibo that enables any employee of a corporate client , many individuals sign up as mybiz and book hotels at a discounted rate.

This setting has to match the settings on your Goibibo Extranet Account.

6.3. Minimum Advanced  Booking Offset

The minimum amount of time allowed by the property before a guest can book a room. (Please set this in hours)

6.4. Maximum Advanced Booking Offset

 The maximum amount of time allowed by the property that a guest can book in advanced. If you set 1440 hours (60 days), it won't show rooms that are more than 60 days out.

By default:

  • The Minimum Advanced Booking Offset value will be set as "0" - meaning the last point the room can be booked is midnight the date of stay
  • The Maximum Advanced Booking Offset will be set as 13200 - meaning the room becomes available to book 550 days before date of stay or 1.5 years

If you set Minimum Advanced  Booking Offset or Maximum Advanced Booking Offset as "0" this is causing both fields to be set to 0 on the channel, it means that your property is not bookable until midnight the date of stay

7. Leave box Send full refresh to Ingoibibo (Goibibo) checked, this will send rates and availability to all Ingoibibo rooms mapped.

Please note that myallocator sends only Base Rates (which are set in myallocator) to Ingoibibo, rate plans or promotional packages should be set up directly in Ingoibibo

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which features are Supported by Ingoibibo?

Ingoibibo supports:

  • Automatic Adjustments
  • Minimum length of stay
  • Closing rate plans for bookings
  • Single Use Rates

Ingoibibo doesn't support:

  • Automatic Adjustments for cancellations
  • Maximum length of stay
  • Close Days for arrival
  • Close Days for departure
How does myallocator receive rates from Ingoibibo?

Ingoibibo may round the amount of reservation sent to myallocator in some cases. They round off the value of net amount.
Unfortunately myallocator can't change this, because rounding occur on OTA side.

If you notice mismatches between the reservation rate in myallocator and on Ingoibibo - please reach out to your Ingoibibo manager to check why the amount was rounded.

Description of booking payload

The following screenshots were taken from a reservation on the myallocator user interface as an example:

The fields (labeled 1-8 in red) are those visible to the property manager through myallocator:

Description of internal Ingoibibo booking payload - Google Docs - Google Chrome
Description of internal Ingoibibo booking payload - Google Docs - Google Chrome
Field Description
1 - Total Price Total price paid by the customer minus TCS tax (check taxes description below)
- Taxes
  • Consists of two different taxes: GST, the goods and services tax, and TCS, the tax collected at source
    • GST and TCS only apply to properties located in India
    • In some cases, there's no GST. When applicable, it's included in the total price paid by the customer (field 5)
    • TCS is always 1% of the pre-tax price for properties and it's not included on the total price because it's paid by the property to the channel
  • Taxes are applied by the channel and not by myallocator

3 - Commission
  • Any reservation made through Ingoibibo is subject to a commission fee
  • This value helps you to determine the total amount you will receive from the booking by subtracting this amount from the total price (field 1)
- Discounts
  • Discount or coupon applied to the reservation 
  • The amount will be displayed with the total value of discounts and a breakdown of all discounts and/or coupons applied
  • This value is already applied to the reservation price
5 - Deposit Amount that you pay to the channel
6 - Balance Remainder owed to the property
7 - Collect type: Ingoibibo collects payment Full payment is made by the guest at the time of booking and is made directly to Ingoibibo
- Day Rates
  • Room price for each day
  • This is the room rate that myallocator sent to Ingoibibo with any applicable taxes applied (e.g., GST)
  • Rate adjustments are not passed by myallocator to the channel. They are set on the channel.

Understanding the calculations based on the example above:

  • Total Price - INR 1942.5

1960 (deposit) minus 17.5 (1% of the pre-tax price) equals to INR 1942.5

  • Taxes - INR 227.50
    • GST for a room of this price is 12%, so 1750 (the room price on MA) * 0.12  equals to INR 210
    • The total tax is GST + TCS (210 + 17.5) equals to 227.5
  • Deposit - INR 1960.00
    • The discount is subtracted from the price in field 8, as indicated by the description of the discount (“discount of 37.5% for room Luxury room with breakfast”)
    • 3136 (day rates) minus 1176 (the discount amount) equals to INR 1960, or the total amount the customer paid (field 5)
  • Total amount the property will receive from the booking INR 1839.25
    • INR 1942.5 (total price) minus INR 103.25 (commission fee) equals to INR 1839.25
Extra Person Fee

Extra persons are included both in the total price and in the booking payload (under Extra Services as shown below)

Here are more reservation details:

Booking - Neilkiran Vulchi - - Google Chrome

Understanding the calculation of extra person fee based on the example above:

Internal - Channel - Ingoibibo (Goibibo)


Error Message: 'NoneType' object has not attribute 'hour'

The following error can be solved once you update your Checkin and Checkout time at Goibibo extranet.

3S0lQfSWpOXQX9wQ5WdoVjXOY (388×72) - Google Chrome

Log in to your Goibibo extranet and access 'Property' section in order to setup/update your Checkin and Checkout time.

If needed, you can also ask your Goibibo Business Development Manager to do it so.

Error "Pricing model set for your property on Go-MMT is not supported by Cloudbeds."

If you see this error during the mapping process, you need to follow the instructions from the error: contact and request to change the pricing model to Per Day Rate. Once it is done, you can continue with the mapping process.

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