How to import availability and/or rates from the channel


You can add rates and availability for your room types in myallocator. But the easiest way to do it is to import them from the connected channels.

Currently, myallocator supports importing rates and availability from Hostelworld and Agoda only.


  • Before you can start:
    1. rooms need to be created in myallocator,
    2. rate and availability should be set up at least for 1 day for any room type (this will allow channel mapping)
    3. the channel needs to be set up and completely mapped
  • If you have already set up rates and availability in myallocator - they will be overwritten for all mapped rooms
  • If you have PMS connected - it will overwrite the rates and availability imported from the channel (in case your PMS supports sending rates or/and availability to myallocator)

How to import availability/rates from the channel?

In order to import availability and/or rates to myallocator from Hostelworld or Agoda

1) in myallocator go to Manage

2) click Import Availability/Rates

3) Import from: select the channel from which you want to import rates/availability

4) Do not import/overwrite rates:

  • leaving this box unchecked means that both availability AND rates will be imported
  • checking this box means that only availability will be imported

5) Confirm that you're aware that existing data (availability and/or rates) will be overwritten

6) click START

Why 'Import from' radio buttons are greyed out for me?

You need to connect the channel and complete the mapping before the import process.

Go to 'Channels' page and check if Agoda/Hostelworld status is 'Setup completed'.

After that you can proceed to import rates or/and availability from either of above-mentioned channels.

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