Connecting BestDay with myallocator


This article will show how to setup BestDay to connect with your myallocator account.

Step 1. Creating BestDay Account

If you do not have an account with BestDay, click here to setup your property with them first by registering your property. Please be aware that BestDay has some minimum requirements that must be met in order to belong to the portfolio of BestDay.
If you have any questions about the requirements please contact BestDay support team directly.

Step 2. Select myallocator as your channel manager within BestDay

Please contact your BestDay account manager and ask them to create the channel manager credentials. The account manager should send these credentials to and myallocator support team will proceed and enable the channel for you.

Step 3. Connect BestDay and map your rooms in myallocator
  1. In myallocator, go to Channels and you will see a yellow 'Ready for mapping' button. Click on this button to start the mapping process.

If you are not seeing BestDay as ready for mapping on this page, it means that BestDay did not enable myallocator as your channel manager or they did not send the credentials to myallocator support team yet.
Please go ahead and contact your account manager to check the connection status.

2. Click 'NEXT' to start the mapping process (at this point, your credentials has been already enabled by myallocator support team) 

3. Map the corresponding rooms in myallocator and BestDay and click NEXT
If you need help, please consult our Room Mapping Guidelines 

4. Select which Rate Plan created for the room type on BestDay will be controlled by myallocator

Although BestDay supports the Extra Person Fee pricing, only two types of Rate Plans will receive the extra bed rate on myallocator.

If you work with extra person fee and would like to send to BestDay, please ensure that your rooms on the BestDay side were enabled for an EP or BI rate plans.

Once that is done, you will be able to set the extra bed rate in the channel mapping (please check next steps) and the extra bed rates will appear on BestDay.

Please, refer to this article to learn more about extra person fee configuration on myallocator:  Can I charge a different price for single occupancy versus other occupancies on a private room?

Below, you can see how to check if your rooms already have the Rate Plans (EP and BI) mentioned above.

If you have issues enabling the rate plans, please contact the BestDay support team. We are not able to make changes on your channel extranet.

5. Not Mandatory - Set up Base Rate Adjustments for each room on  BestDay if needed (discount or an increase of your base rate for this specific channel which is often used to cover the cost of channel fee).

6. Once you have the correct rate plans enabled as mentioned above, you will be able to setup the extra bed rates to be displayed on BestDay

7. You're done! 
Leave checkbox 'Send full refresh' checked and click 'Back to Overview.' On this page, you can also see which features are supported by this channel.

Have more questions? Contact Support