How to Connect Trilyo to myallocator


Myallocator is now connected to Trilyo, an AI chatbot solution that helps hoteliers and property owners increase direct bookings and personalize their guest experience. With Trilyo, you can improve direct booking conversions by over 37% and start seeing results within minutes of implementation. The Chatbot automatically handles guest queries 24/7 and can be used on your property’s website, Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp.

To access the official website - click here
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Special Pricing for myallocator Users

After connecting with Trilyo, hundreds of properties worldwide have seen a 53% surge in guest engagement and saved up to 10,000 hours of work. The first 250 myallocator customers who sign up before January 31, 2019 will get 6 months subscription free, making Trilyo one of the most affordable Hotel Chatbot solutions that’s optimized to drive more direct bookings.

  • 6 months Free Subscription
  • 37% more direct bookings
  • Pre-Trained AI Chatbot
  • 10K man hours saved
  • 53% Better Guest Engagement

Special Pricing for myallocator users:

  • 1-29 Rooms - US $ 29/mo
  • 30-49 Rooms - US $ 39/mo
  • 50-74 Rooms - US $ 49/mo
  • 75-99 Rooms - US $ 69/mo
  • 100-149 Rooms - US $ 89/mo
  • 150-199 Rooms - US $ 99/mo
  • 200+ Rooms - US $ 0.5 per room per property

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Connection Guide
  • Make sure you've created all room types in myallocator and added their rates/availability
  • Before connecting Trilyo to myallocator you need to create an account at Trilyo and add the rooms in Trilyo. Make sure they are matching the rooms in myallocator
  • In case you want to use payment gateway which needs to collect payments before pushing bookings to myallocator, please contact Trilyo Support

1. Go to Trilyo and login using your Trilyo credentials

2. Go to "Settings" from Navigation Bar on your Trilyo dashboard

3. Select "myallocator" from "Integrations" section. 

4. Choose the property you wish to connect to Trilyo

5. Click on button "Show" (as shown below) to see the password, keep this page opened - you will need to enter this password on the myallocator side to complete the mapping

Please note that you'll have to repeat this process to connect each property individually.

6. Login to myallocator and go to the Channels page

7. Click 'Add Channel' and select Trilyo channel

8.  Enter Trilyo User Name and Password from Step

Click NEXT

9. Map the room types between myallocator and Trilyo. Click here to learn more: Distribution Channel Mapping Guidelines

Click NEXT when done

10. Add Base Rate Adjustment if needed. Click Next when done:

11. Setup is complete! Keep the box checked on this page to send a full refresh to the channel.

In some time the rooms and inventory will be synced to Trilyo and your guests will be able to book directly from Trilyo chatbot and push the bookings into myallocator.

Have more questions? Contact Support