Connecting LateRooms to myallocator

Follow is a hotel reservations website providing discounted and last-minute hotel deals throughout the UK, Europe, and the rest of the world.

Currently, the LateRooms channel operates on an API-based XML connection. Prior to December 2018, the channel was a scraper-type connection.

The new LateRooms connection greatly improves upon the old channel connection:

 ⦁    Bookings are now directly sent to myallocator. Properties used to only get emails about bookings and would have to manually input those into their systems. From now on, bookings will come directly into myallocator (no more manual loading!).

 ⦁    Additionally, the bookings will now contain credit card information (no more retrieving this from LateRooms). The LateRooms card portal formerly used to retrieve card details will be disabled.

 ⦁    Allocations will function the same way.

Please note that two LateRooms channels currently exist in the Channels list. As of January 2019, we will consolidate into a single channel, but for now, please ignore the old, disabled connection ("LateRooms") and use the new connection ("LateRooms XML") only.

Step 1. Register an account with LateRooms

If you already have an account with LateRooms - please proceed to step 2.

  1. Go to and click 'Sign Up' and fill out the information about your property.
  2. Once the form is filled out, you will be emailed by the LateRooms Content Team confirming if your property meets the criteria to be listed on the website.

3. Once your account is created and a LateRooms Hotel ID has been assigned, you can find your ID in the LateRooms extranet in two different ways:

  • Finance Tab (1)
  • URL on the hotel's profile on website (2)
Step 2. Connect LateRooms with myallocator
  1. Login to myallocator, go to Manage > Channels
  2. Click on 'Add Channel'
  3. Search for LateRooms (XML) -> click 'Not Setup'
  4. Insert your Hotel ID (you can find your Hotel ID on LateRooms extranet as explained on the previous step)

This will trigger an auto-verification email to the LateRooms Support Team. The LateRooms team will then email Cloudbeds Support Team to confirm the connection, and we will finalize the channel activation for you. Please wait until our confirmation.

Step 3 - LateRooms Mapping
  1. Once you receive our confirmation it means that the channel is 'Ready for Mapping.' Go ahead and access the Channels tab.
  2. Click on 'Ready for Mapping'
    If you are seeing 'Awaiting Activation' button instead, it means that the connection is not ready yet. Please wait until our confirmation by email or contact 

3. Map the corresponding rooms between myallocator and LateRooms.

Click NEXT when done.

4. Select which channel rate plan should be updated with the prices in the myallocator Availability page

Since myallocator can only control one Rate Plan, we always recommend that you select the "Default" or "Standard" Rate Plan on this screen.
Once chosen, we will control Rates for this rate plan only - any other Rate Plans must be set up to be derived from the Default Rate.

More information about Rate Plans can be found here: Rateplan Support - Using Rate Plans to set multiple rates

5. Here you can enter a discount or an increase to your base rate for this specific channel (if desired). Please note: do not enter your default room rate here.

6. Leave box 'Send full refresh to LateRooms' checked, this will send rates and availability to all LateRooms rooms mapped.

You're done!

1. Account is valid, but using wrong LateRooms version. To correct: request LateRooms switch to the "AJAX Interface" for Rooms & Availability

The above message means that you are still using the old LateRooms connection. If you have the XML connection 'Successfully Updated', the dead connection can be ignored. Cloudbeds will disconnect the old connection once the new one is connected to avoid this error message.

2. Why can't I see the daily rates for LateRooms reservations?

LateRooms only sends us the total amount of the reservation, rather than breaking down the cost of the room for each night. As a result, you will want to enable "Total Cost" in the Display Options under the Bookings tab:

Once the Total Cost has been enabled in the view, you will be able to see how much the reservation was for:

Have more questions? Contact Support