How to Connect Revato by HotelsCombined with myallocator


Revato is a direct booking platform syncing to the HotelsCombined network, which allows you to reach a global audience of over 30 million users searching for accommodation every month.

This step-by-step guide explains how to connect Revato by HotelsCombined with Cloudbeds Channel Manager (myallocator).

Things you should know before getting started:

  • Create an account with the Revato before starting the connection by accessing  and filling out the form. A Revato representative will reach out as soon as possible.
  • For more information on the channel, visit

How to Connect Revato by HotelsCombined to myallocator

Step 1 - Select/Enable Myallocator as Channel Manager on Revato by HotelsCombined

For new properties:

For properties already connected to Revato:

  • The property must request (via your Revato Account Manager or via to make myallocator your desired Channel Manager (If you are switching from another channel manager to myallocator, Revato will disconnect the property from the previous channel manager).
  • Once Revato switches you to myallocator on their end, they will email myallocator Support Team to enable the connection on myallocator side.
Step 2 - Wait for the myallocator Support Team to confirm the connection
  • Once you request the Revato team to make myallocator your channel manager, Revato will send an email to our Support team as well, to enable connection on our end.  
  • Once this is done, you will receive an email, notifying you that Revato is ready for mapping.
Step 3 - Start mapping Revato by HotelsCombined in myallocator
  1. Go to myallocator and open the Channels page
  2. If you have correctly completed Steps 1 and 2, Revato by HotelsCombined will already be on your channels list in status Ready for mapping. Click to proceed to mapping.
  1. Click NEXT to continue:
  1. Select the Revato rooms from the drop-down so they correspond to myallocator rooms and click NEXT when completed.

For detailed information about mapping process see the Room Mapping Guidelines

  1. Select which channel rate plan should be updated with the prices in the myallocator availability page.
  • Myallocator channel manager only supports one Rate Plan
  • If you are seeing Room Not Updated under the the drop-down menu, this means that at least one rate plan associated to a room type is needed to update it.
  • Contact the Revato by HotelsCombined Support Team if you need help to adjust your Rate Plans in the extranet
  1. Add Base Rate Adjustment for each room type if needed and click NEXT when completed to skip:
  1. Mapping is done. Keep the box on this page checked to perform a Full Refresh and send Rates/Availability from myallocator to Revato:
Have more questions? Contact Support