PayPal Error: Restricted PayPal Account


ISSUE: after setting up BookNow and PayPal as a payment option on BookNow, the guest receives the following error message

"The booking system isn't setup correctly to take payments (restricted PayPal account). Please contact the property directly."

SOLUTION: the error message indicates that it's a restricted PayPal account that can't receive money. 

You can find more details about restrictions on PayPal and what changes need to be made by using the link below:

The changes on PayPal account need to be done by the owner of the account, as the myallocator support team can't make the changes on the user's behalf.

If the issue persists after changing the configuration according to the article above, please contact PayPal and address this error message. 

You can contact them either by phone or e-mail, however, you do have to be connected to your account in order to do this:

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