Connecting Mr & Mrs Smith (Smith Hotels) to myallocator


Mr & Mrs Smith (Smith Hotels) is the travel club for hotel lovers, a carefully handpicked collection of the world’s most seductive boutique hotels and villas, where members (Black, Silver or GoldSmiths) discover and book unforgettable weekend breaks, far-flung escapes, villa holidays, experiences and more. Each hotel is personally perused by a team of globe-trotting experts, reviewed by discerning tastemakers and comes with a free Smith Extra on arrival and the company’s best-price guarantee.

Mr & Mrs Smith is a global club with members & hotels worldwide, along with select partners like British Airways & Vitality health, and have a dedicated 24/7 travel team available on hand to help.

Official website:

To connect Mr & Mrs Smith (Smith Hotels) account to myallocator you need to sign up on the channel first. Click here to sign up.

Once you fill out the form, you will get auto assigned to a regional Mr & Mrs Smith hotel partnerships manager who will be in touch if they are interested in hearing more. Please note, Mr & Mrs Smith doesn't necessarily respond to everyone due to request volume.

1. Ask your Mr & Mrs Smith (Smith Hotels) Account Manager to provide your Hotel ID for mapping inside myallocator.

2. Go to myallocator and open Channels page.

3. Click Add Channel.

4. Search for 'Mr & Mrs Smith' and click on 'Not Setup.'

5. Enter Hotel ID provided by the channel. This will send a request to the channel to enable the connection for channel management.

You will be notified via email when the connection has been enabled and your rooms are ready for mapping.

Note: If you have not been approved yet by Mr & Mrs Smith, your request will be rejected. If you have not yet signed up with the channel please email or click here to begin the registration process. 

The channel will be set to 'Awaiting Activation' until you're notified that the rooms are ready for mapping.

6. Once you're notified via email that the rooms are ready for mapping, go back to Channels. 'Mr & Mrs Smith' should be set to status 'Ready for mapping'. Click on it.

7. Click NEXT.

8. Map myallocator room types to corresponding room types on Mr & Mrs Smith.

Click NEXT when done.

9. Add Base Rate Adjustment if needed.

10. The mapping is done!

Keep the box on this page checked to send Full Refresh to the channel.

Have more questions? Contact Support