How to Connect Tablet Hotels with myallocator


Tablet Hotels features outstanding properties around the world. Hotels featured on Tablet's site are defined by strong personality, attention to detail, and service. Their selection covers a wide range of styles, atmosphere, and prices. Many of these properties have received praise locally and internationally for years, while many others are recent discoveries. Most are independent "boutique" properties, though outstanding hotels that are also members of chains may be included on an individual basis. The key is that all Tablet Hotels offer their guests a unique and exceptional experience.


About the Selection Process

From Tablet: "As a selection-based OTA, our users trust our taste. We do the hard work of selecting only the world's most extraordinary hotels, and we make booking them as painless as possible. To guarantee satisfaction for our clients, we ensure that every hotel featured on Tablet is first evaluated and approved by our selection committee."

Official website: 

Before Connection

To connect your Tablet account on myallocator you must already have an account with this channel. If you do not yet have an account, click here to read about the selection process and fill out the application form (link at bottom of page).

Tablet reviews each application carefully. Once you fill out the form, Tablet will be in touch if they are interested in hearing more. Tablet doesn't necessarily respond to everyone.

Connection Process

1. Ask your Tablet Hotels Account Manager to provide your Property ID for mapping inside myallocator. Then in myallocator open Channels page and click Add Channel

2. Search for Tablet Hotels and click on 'Not Setup.'

3. Enter the Property ID provided by the channel and click "Enable". This will send a request to the Tablet to enable the connection for channel management.

You will be notified via email when the connection has been enabled and your rooms are ready for mapping.

Note: If you have not been yet been approved by Tablet, your request will be rejected.

The channel will be set to 'Awaiting Activation' until you're notified that the rooms are ready for mapping.

4. Once you're notified via email that the rooms are ready for mapping, go back to Channels. 'Tablet Hotels' should be set to status 'Ready for mapping'. Click on it.

5. Click NEXT

6. Map myallocator room types to corresponding room types on Tablet Hotels.

Click NEXT when done.

7. Select which OTA rate type should be updated with the prices in myallocator (as a rule it's base rate).

8. Add Base Rate Adjustment if needed

9. The mapping is done! Keep the box on last page checked to send Full Refresh to the channel

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