How to Connect Net Affinity to myallocator


Net Affinity is a technology and digital marketing company specializing in driving new business directly to a hotel's website, via booking engine. Their goal is to help independent hoteliers achieve a strong online presence and empower them to drive bookings directly through their own branded website, keeping them in control of the booking process.

How to connect Net Affinity to myallocator

Step 1 - Getting Started

If you don’t have an account at Net Affinity

  1. Create an account at Net Affinity. Here's the sign-up link
  2. Fill out the form to create your account and click to Submit

If you do have an account at Net Affinity

Proceed with Step 2 below.

Step 2 - Select/Enable myallocator as Channel Manager on Net Affinity

Net Affinity requires you to add your myallocator account ID in order to request the connection with the channel manager. Follow the steps below:

  1. Find your myallocator ID in the URL bar when you access the Manage tab as shown below:
  1. Access your Net Affinity extranet and follow the steps provided on the following article created by Net Affinity: Myallocator / Cloudbeds Integration
  2. Start mapping the channel - Proceed with Step 3 below
Step 3 - Start mapping Net Affinity in myallocator
  1. Open the Channels page
  2. Click on Add Channel
  3. Search for Net Affinity channel and click on the Not Setup button
  1. Insert your Hotel ID and Password
  • Hotel ID  - Your Net Affinity Hotel ID
  • Password -The password is provided by Net Affinity
  1. Map one myallocator room type to one room type on Net Affinity. Click NEXT to save and continue

For detailed information about the mapping process please check this article: Room Mapping Guidelines

From Net Affinity:

"With Myallocator, you map one rateplan to the system. All other rateplans then will need to float from your main rateplan and pull from central availability. If you decide in future to add any other rateplans that you will not be a floating rate, you will have to load rates manually into Net Affinity."

  1. Add Base Rate Adjustment for each room type if needed. Click NEXT when completed or if you want to skip.
  1. Keep the box on this page checked to perform Full Refresh and send rates/availability from myallocator to Net Affinity.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which features does this channel support?

Net Affinity supports:

  • Automatic adjustments;
  • Automatic adjustments for cancellations;
  • Minimum length of stay;

Net Affinity does not support:

  • Closing rate plan for bookings;
  • Maximum length of stay;
  • Close days for arrival;
  • Close days for departure
  • Single-Use Rates
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