How to connect myallocator to CongoDesk PMS


This article will walk you through the process to connect CongoDesk PMS to your myallocator account.

Step 1. Set up myallocator as your channel manager in CongoDesk

  1. Login to your CongoDesk account
  2. Go to 'Apps & Integrations​'
  3. On the channel manager box, scroll down to the myallocator integration and click on 'Setup​'

Step 2 - Set up CongoDesk as your PMS in myallocator

  1. Sign up​ or ​Login​ to your myallocator account
  2. Go to the 'Manage' page and open 'PMS Connections'
  3. Under 'Active Connections', click on 'Connect to a PMS'. In the drop-down menu, search for 'CongoDesk PMS' and select it
  4. Click on 'Add'
  1. Copy the token code provided by myallocator
  2. Open your CongoDesk setup page and paste the token code within the field shown below
  3. Click on 'Next Step'

Make sure there are no empty spaces when pasting the token

By default, the myallocator integration is disabled in CongoDesk.

  1. Click on Enable Channel Manager to complete the setup.
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