How to connect Stash Hotel Rewards to myallocator


Stash Hotel Rewards is an American company that produces a loyalty rewards program for a network of nearly 200 independent hotels in the United States, Panama, and the Caribbean. The membership is free to join, and guests are given 5 points for every dollar spent at hotels in the network. It is the largest points-based loyalty reward program for independent hotels in North America.

Step 1. Getting Started

If you do not have an account at Stash Rewards:

Create an account at

If you do have an account at Stash Rewards:

Please continue with Step 2 below.

Step 2. Start mapping Stash in myallocator
  1. Access the Manage tab in myallocator
  2. Click on Channels
  3. Click Add Channel
  4. Scroll down until you see Stash and click Not Setup next to the channel
  1. Enter your Hotel ID and Password and click Next
Manage - Channels - - Google Chrome
  1. Select the Stash rooms from the drop down that correspond to myallocator rooms and click NEXT when completed.
Manage - Channels - - Google Chrome
  1. Map Stash rate plan to each room in myallocator.
Manage - Channels - - Google Chrome
  1. Add Base Rate Adjustment for each room type if needed. Click NEXT when completed or if you want to skip, leave it as zero.
Manage - Channels - - Google Chrome

9. Keep the box on this page checked to send Full Refresh to the channel.

Manage - Channels - - Google Chrome

Frequently Asked Questions

Which features does this channel support?

Stash supports:

  • Automatic adjustments
  • Minimum length of stay
  • Maximum length of stay
  • Close days for arrival
  • Close days for departure
  • Closing rate plan for bookings

Stash does not support:

  • Single use rates
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