Ostrovok and MaxiBooking Service Suspension


Starting on March 7th, 2022, Myallocator will indefinitely suspend connection to Ostrovok and MaxiBooking.

What does it mean?

  • Reservations will no longer be sent to Cloudbeds automatically
  • For properties connected to MaxiBooking, you will no longer have access to any distribution channels via myallocator
  • Myallocator will no longer send inventory updates to the channels
  • Rates and inventory will need to be managed manually on the channel's extranet

Existing on-the-books reservations made prior to March 7th,2022 will not be affected, but any modifications or cancellations to these bookings made after this date will not be automatically updated in myallocator. For any questions, contact support@myallocator.com

Thank you for your understanding. To learn more, visit www.cloudbeds.com/ukraine.

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