Which PMSs can access Credit Card data from myallocator bookings?


Vendors currently allowed to access credit card data in myallocator are: 

5elements, Base7, BPO, InnGenius, ITbank, mar, myfrontdesk, primos, ReservationKey, Resnexus, rezdev, RezStream, tutt, FrontDeskBooking (tylerica)

It doesn't mean that they do - Possibly, the PMS hasn't implemented that. If you have questions or issues, please reach out to your PMS provider directly.

How does a PMS access credit card data in myallocator?

We do not send credit card details to PMSs. They have a call for our API to retrieve credit card details, when they provide the property's credit card password. Credit Card details cannot be extracted without a credit card viewing password, which is why we also can't "send" them.
Assuming that the PMS is allowed access to that API call (they need to prove PCI compliance first).

If there is an issue that there are no credit card details in PMS (myfrontdesk or any other PMS) it means that you have the credit card viewing password expired or the PMS failed to retrieve it. Please contact your PMS for further information.

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