How to Setup and Customize BookNow - our Free Booking App


How to Setup and Customize BookNow - our Free Booking App


With our BookNow button you can take commission-free bookings directly on your website. The setup is quick and simple, and you can even take bookings via your Facebook page.


Step 1: Access BookNow Setup


Step 2: Activate BookNow

Note:  Groupbookings means if the maximum number of allowed persons (as per BookNow settings) is exceeded, and the group bookings link is active, then the customer will be shown a link to a group bookings site that the property specified which will contain further instructions on how to booking with a bigger group of people.  The property will need to have created and maintained this group bookings link that includes those additional instructions.


Step 3: Setup Payment Options

Payment Options:

  1. Do not take payments
  2. Only take credit card details (including CVV, Expiry Date, type of card allowed)
    • Notes:  
      • The card is not charged at the time of booking.  When you receive the credit card details from the booking, you are able to charge the card of the customer whatever amount you wish, up to 100% of the booking.  Just remember you need to state a policy on the booking page (use Customized Messaging as shown below) and to follow that policy upon charging the card.  For example, if you wish to stipulate a 10% non-refundable deposit, you would charge 10% of the booking right away, and then 90% upon the guest arriving.  Some properties may choose to charge 100% of the booking right away, etc.
      • Before you can take credit card details you need to set a credit card viewing password. Options will be visible once a password has been set.
  3. PayPal

To setup Paypal API Access

  1. Login to
  2. On the Summary screen, scroll down to the Selling Tools section, and click Seller Preferences
  3. Next to API access, click Update
  4. On the next screen, click View API Signature
  5. Click "Show" and take note of the three items below
    1. API Username
    2. API Password
    3. Signature
  6. Enter items 1 through 3 into the BookNow Payments setup screen
  7. Scroll to the bottom of the BookNow setup page and click Save.

BookNow - Customization Options

Customized Messaging

  • Start screen
  • Text below "Book Now!":
  • Room selection screen, above room list:
  • Customer details screen, above customer details:
  • Payment screen, above payment details:
  • Completed booking screen:
  • Completed email comment:
  • NOTE:  Javascript is allowed for each of the above customizations

Customized Styling

  • You can change the visual appearance by uploading your own CSS stylesheet (requires web design skills and is not included with myallocator).

BookNow - Integration Options

To add a "Book Now" button to your homepage you simply paste some HTML to you website's source code. You can either add a box to your website or a button which will open the box on top of the content. You can change the visual style by supplying your own style sheet based on the standard template.

For every complete booking you will receive an email and it will also show up on the 'Incoming Bookings' page on myallocator. The customer will also receive a booking confirmation. Should you have Automatic Adjustments enabled then it will also reduce availability from myallocator and all configured channels.

 Web design skills are required to add the code to your website.  This service is not included with myallocator, so we recommend that you consult with a web designer.


Integration Option #1:  BookNow box (iframe)

This is the easiest method to add BookNow to your homepage. Add this code in the spot where you want your Book Now Box


Integration Option #2:  BookNow! Button

Add one of these buttons if you don't have enough space for the Book Now Box. You can also use your own buttons if you replace the path to the image.


For a button you also have to add this code right before the </head> tag:

  1. Click into the field below, and highlight all of the data in this box.
  2. Add this code right before the </head> tag on your website.

of the data in this box.


Adding Multiple Properties on a single Booking Page:

You can add multiple BookNow boxes (iframe) to a single page.  Go to Manage ->BookNow->Website Integration to copy the iframe snippet for each of your properties, then add them to your website.

Or, if you prefer, you can add the BookNow buttons instead of the iframe box.  To do this, add the button script code (the last code snippet on the Website Integration page) only once, and then add the button codes for your separate properties.


Want to setup Facebook integration?

Click here for an article on how to make it happen.

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