Is it possible to have different availability set for different channels?


Currently, It's not possible to have different availability set for different channels nor do we recommend this strategy.

We designed myallocator system specifically to help mimic the best yielding strategies for all property types (e.g. central pool of inventory and last room availability) and highly recommend you take this approach.

There is a potential workaround that is limited and carries some risks:  

  1. Click on the "closed" checkbox for the days you would like to be unavailable
  2. Save the changes only to the channels you would like to close availability on
  3. Once the update has been sent, un-check the 'Closed' check box and save only to myallocator

The problem is: if you receive a booking and after the adjustment there is still availability left for the room type, our automatic adjustment system will set this new availability on all channels again, thus opening up any room you might have closed.

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