How do I prevent split reservations from happening (room moves)?


As a channel manager, myallocator is only able to set overall availability for each of your room types. It means that if you have two or more rooms per room type, we only calculate and distribute the overall quantity of rooms available on any given night of stay.  Myallocator is unable to detect or prevent reservations that would require a split or room move.

If you have a PMS (Property Management System) connected, the handling of room splits is a responsibility of the PMS system.

Some PMS systems may have functionality that includes business rules regarding splits/room moves, and others may not. Overall, most properties prefer to allow the reservation even if it requires a split/move, and handle the situation with the guest directly rather than disallowing the reservation completely.

 Potential Workaround: 

If you absolutely cannot allow room splits/moves, you have the option of separating out each of your individual rooms in all of your systems (PMS, myallocator, and OTA's).  It would look something like this: 

  • Room Type:  Queen Room
  • Number of rooms: 3 (A, B and C)
  • Your systems:  PMS, myallocator, and your Channels (OTA's) 
PMS Myallocator Channel (OTA)
Queen Room A Queen Room A Queen Room A
Queen Room B Queen Room B Queen Room B
Queen Room C Queen Room C Queen Room C
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