How to Backup & Restore Availability & Rates


Currently, myallocator does not have an option to export availability/rates. This feature will allow you to backup your rates in case there is a change made that you want to reverse

You can also restore availability and other details from the availability page

This does not backup bookings, channel settings or any other general myallocator settings

Check the following instructions once login to your myallocator account:

  1. Click on Manage
  2. On the left side, click on Backups
  3. Add a backup label so that you will understand what it means - Example: Fall backups before the Holidays
  4. Click on Create to create the backup

 This might take a few moments to be created

Manage - Backups - - Google Chrome

How to Use It

Please be careful with restoring backups as your existing data will be overwritten!

If you notice that some of the rates have been zeroed out by accident, as they are on this page, follow the instructions below:

Click on Manage

  1. Select Backups
  2. Select the desired Label
  3. Click on the check box 'I'm aware that all existing data will be overwritten'
  4. Click on Restore to confirm

Once you have restored from the previous backup, the configuration changes will be made and the rates and availability will be returned back to normal.

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