How to Connect TravelRepublic to myallocator


This article will show you how to connect your existing TravelRepublic account to your myallocator account.

Things you should know before you get started:

  • Please check the FAQ section of this article before connecting to this channel.

How to connect TravelRepublic to myallocator

Step 1: Getting Started
  1. If you don’t have an account on TravelRepublic:
    Create a TravelRepublic account by going to
  2. If you do have an account on TravelRepublic:
    Please proceed to Step 2
Step 2: Log-in to TravelRepublic
  1. Go to
  2. Enter your TravelRepublic Username
  3. Enter your password
  4. Sign In

Finding your Establishment ID

  1. Select the correct Property in the drop-down list.  
  2. Copy the Number located inside the brackets, such as [123456]
Step 3: Start mapping TravelRepublic in myallocator
  1. Go to the Manage area inside myallocator
  2. Go to Channels tab.

3. Click on 'Add Channel'

4. Find 'TravelRepublic' channel and click to start the setup.

5. For Hotel ID, enter the ID that you copied from Step 3 above

6. Enter your TravelRepublic Password

7. For Establishment ID, enter the ID that you copied from Step 3 above

8. Click NEXT to continue

9. Map one myallocator room type to one room type on the TravelRepublic drop-down list and click NEXT when completed.

For detailed information about the mapping process please check this article: Room Mapping Guidelines

10. Specify Base Rate Adjustments for each room type, if desired. Click NEXT when completed (or click NEXT to skip this section).

Please note: Do not enter your default room rate here.

11. Select the currency. Then, click NEXT and you're done! 

12. Keep the box on this page checked to perform a Full Refresh and send rates/availability from myallocator to TravelRepublic.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which features does this channel support?

TravelRepublic supports:

  • Automatic Adjustments
  • Cancellations/Modifications
  • Minimum length of stay

TravelRepublic does not support:

  • Close Days for Arrival
  • Close Days for Departure
  • Closing Rate Plan for Bookings
  • Credit Card Information
  • Maximum length of stay
  • Single-Use Rate
How to update what room type is available to sell

If you wish to remove certain room types that are showing on TravelRepublic, you will need to contact your account manager directly to remove that specific room type from the available list. This should be done first before you update the room mapping in myallocator.

Unmapping a room type in myallocator before removing the room on TravelRepublic could lead to overbookings due to the fact that the room is still active on TravelRepublic

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