Connecting Orbitz to myallocator


As of August 2019 - This channel is now managed under the Expedia channel.

For properties who signed up with Orbitz through Expedia

As the partnership between Orbitz and Expedia is now unified, all properties signed up with Expedia will have the option to push their inventory to Orbitz (if the property wants to be distributed on Orbitz it has to sign up for Expedia). Because of this, properties can no longer connect Orbitz as a standalone channel on myallocator, you simply need to connect with Expedia to update your Orbitz account.

Click here to learn how to connect Expedia with myallocator.

Note that Orbitz still appears as a separate channel in myallocator, but upon clicking the channel, the following message will be displayed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I need to re-map anything?

Login/Room Mapping/Base Rate Adjustment has been disabled on the standalone Orbitz channel on myallocator. If you wish to continue distribution on Orbitz,  ensure that you are connected to Expedia and work with your Expedia Account Manager to ensure that you are enabled for distribution to Orbitz.

What happens if I want to stop selling my rooms on Orbitz?

Please contact your Expedia/Orbitz Account Manager to ensure that your inventory is no longer being distributed to this channel.

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