How to verify if TripAdvisor Instant Booking is setup properly


The TripAdvisor setup must be completed successfully on both systems (myallocator and TripAdvisor).  Here is how to verify if everything is set up properly.

Note: Shopping your property as a guest does not determine if Instant Booking is enabled.

  • As a reminder, only 25% or 50% of your guests will ever see the Instant Booking option with TripAdvisor.  
    • 25% of guests will be shown the option if you chose a 12% commission.  
    • 50% of guests will be shown if you chose a 15% commission.
  • Please note that Instant Booking is only available to guests with an IP address from certain countries.
    • At this time those countries are United States, United Kingdom, Ireland, Canada, New Zealand, and Australia.
1. Verify the setup within myallocator

If everything is set up properly within myallocator, you should see the following screen on the TripAdvisor Setup page:

2.  Wait the required 48 hours after setup

From the point of first receiving the message above, it will take 48 hours for TripAdvisor to recognize your property being activated.

  • If you have already completed a registration on TripAdvisor your property should display within the ratio that you agreed with TripAdvisor on during registration (25% for 12% commission, or 50% for 15% commission).
  • If you have not already completed a registration on TripAdvisor you will need to complete the registration on their website as well prior to your property appearing as available to book.
3.  Login to TripAdvisor to confirm the connection status
  1. Click on your desired property on the TripAdvisor page
  2. Click Products
  3. Click Instant Booking
  4. Click Settings
  5. Verify the status is Active.  If the status is Active, everything is set up on both sides, and Instant Booking is working as expected
4.  If Status is not Active

There are several different reasons why your status might not be active. Reasons and solutions are below:

Reason 1: You have not setup TripAdvisor Instant Booking

If you have not setup Instant Booking on the TripAdvisor side, you will see a page similar to the one below:


Setup TripAdvisor Instant Booking: Click here to setup Instant Booking and skip to Step #7.

Reason 2: Instant Booking is 'Paused'


If you see this page, click "Activate Instant Booking".

Reason 3: Your property is not included message

You received the following message when checking your status.


  • Wait 48 Hours.  You must wait 48 hours after the initial setup is completed on both sides.
  • If you are still seeing this message after 48 hours, please contact myallocator support team at  We will have to engage TripAdvisor support to determine why Instant Booking is not working.
"Book Now" button is missing

The "Book Now" button will only be displayed to the guests 24 hours after the Instant Booking is fully setup on Tripadvisor. If the "Book Now" button is not being displayed over this period of time, please reach out directly to the Tripadvisor support team.

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