How to use the Change Log to research Overbookings, Rate Issues, and changes made in myallocator


With the help of Change Log tool, you can research the following: availability changes, rate updates, overbooking causes and other changes related to reservations.

This tool will also help you to determine the following:

  1. Who (or what system) made the change
  2. When the change was made
  3. The value of the change
  4. Where the change was made from (IP Address)
  5. Whether or not the channel affected needs to be engaged for research

How to access and use Change Log?

  1. Follow the steps below:
  2. Access Availability page
  3. click on Change Log

Then chose the needed parameters for your investigation:

  1. Choose the date on which the change you are looking for was made
  2. select the channel
  3. and the room you are researching
  4. click SHOW
ARI Changelog - - Google Chrome

How to read the Change log?

We can see that there was a zero availability received for the day of August 13 for Double Ensuite from on Jun 21:

To see why the availability became zero for this day we need to go lower on the log and check the changes which happened earlier:

  1. On May 25th the User set the availability as 1. Also, see below all the other parameters set for August 13 Double Ensuite.
  2. Then we can see to which room Double Ensuite is mapped on
  3. On June 10th the Full Refresh with all the data listed below was sent to
  4. Reservation was received from - you can click on the reservation number to see the reservation details.
  5. Myallocator has made an automatic adjustment to the availability from 1 -> to 0 due to the reservation received.
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