How to use the Change Log to research Overbookings, Rate Issues, and changes made in myallocator


How to use the Change Log to research changes made in myallocator

With our powerful Change Log tool, you can research the following:

  • Availability changes
  • Rate Updates
  • Overbooking causes
  • And More

You will be able to determine the following:

  1. Who (or what system) made the change
  2. When the change was made
  3. The value of the change
  4. Where the change was made from (IP Address)
  5. Whether or not the channel affected needs to be engaged for research

Accessing the Change Log tool


Selecting the Date, Room and Channel parameters

In order to research a change, you need to specifcy what you are wanting to investigate.

The following choices must be selected:

  1. Date (NOTE: This is the date of the reservation, not the date the change was made).
  2. Channel
  3. Room


Here, I want to see the changes that were made to the Standard Twin Room, sent to Laterooms, for the night of November 19, 2014 (this is the date of stay).


Interpreting the results

Here is a breakdown of the data below

  1. On Mon, 15 Sep 2014 at 01:26:36, User "tonytester" set the availability of the Room to 8, and the Rate to 40.000
  2. 10 seconds later, the following updates were sent to the LateRooms channel:
    • Availability:           8
    • Closed:                 No (this is set by No as default, unless you specifically set it to "Closed" in myallocator)
    • MinLOS:               1 (this is set by your default Minimum Length of Stay in the Overview page)
    • Rate:                    40.00
  3. On Tue, 18 Nov 2014 at 22:13:44, a customer booked one of the rooms with the BookNow Booking ID of 3398-62048668-65957
  4. Approximately 5 minutes later, myallocator sent the Availability update to LateRooms, updating the Availability from "8" down to "7" due to the BookNow booking.  The other settings (Closed, MinLOS, Rate) were set to the same as before since there was no change made to those values.
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