ReservationKey PMS features


How do myallocator and ReservationKey communicate?


1. Availability and rates - Availability is set in ReservationKey. Rates need to be set directly in myallocator. Here's how!

2. MinLos and MaxLos - These restrictions can be set in myallocator. Read here to learn how.

3. Modifications and cancellations - When a booking is created on the connected channel it gets sent to myallocator and myallocator forwards it to ReservationKey. If a booking is modified or cancelled by guest on the channel - this is automatically processed to your PMS.

4. Credit card information - ReservationKey saves credit card information.

To integrate and sync your existing ReservationKey account to your existing myallocator account please go to Settings tab, External Connectionsenter your myallocator login credentails (username and password) in ReservationKey. If you need any help with that please contact Also, watch this video for a detailed walk through of how to set this up:

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