Is it possible to send different Availability or Rates to certain channels?


This article will discuss how myallocator syncs Availability and Rates to all of your channels, and what options are available for setting channel-specific inventory.

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Warning: Saving to myallocator only

The Save to myallocator only option is only meant to be used when first setting up your account prior to connecting any channels.

Although myallocator presents the option to "Save to myallocator only", choosing that option does not prevent updates from going to the channels.

It is not possible to save data to myallocator only - we will always send updated inventory (Rates and Availability) to your connected channels.

Anytime an update is made (such as when a booking is placed, cancelled, etc) myallocator will automatically send Availablity and Rate data to all of your channels.

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As a channel manager, myallocator is designed to keep all of your rates and inventory in sync across all of your channels.  Because of this, myallocator is unable to send separate availability to any specific channel.

The Availability set in your Availability page will be broadcasted to all channels, thus maximizing your opportunity for bookings while at the same time minimizing your chances of an overbooking.


With Rates, there are a few options, which are described below.

Channel-Specific Rate Difference

Using the Channel-Specific Rate difference option, you can increase or decrease the rates sent to a particular channel.


If your normal rate is 100, you can change some channels to be higher or lower, such as:

  • + %
  • - %
  • + whole value
  • - whole value

To see full details about this option, please see here:  Setting Channel-Specific Rate Differences

Note: When using this option, all rates for all dates will be altered.  This option does not allow you to specify rate differences for a certain range of dates.

BookNow Rate Adjustments

If you use BookNow, and want your website bookings to have a different rate than your external channels, you can set those rate options directly in the BookNow Setup screen.

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