For how long can I set rates/availability in myallocator?


Myallocator allows you to store 4 years' worth of availability/rates data

Every channel has a “Maximum Update Interval”: a maximum date range into the future for which they receive rates and availability updates from myallocator. For example, a channel with a Maximum Update Interval of 1 year will only accept rates and availability for the next 365 days.

Myallocator will still only send as many years to the channel as the channels support. For detailed information on how many days ahead you may update the channel with rates and availability, please contact your channel representative.


  1. The User clicks the 'Set Long Term' button and sets a rate for a room from March 7, 2018, until March 7, 2026.
  2. Click SET.
  3. Click to Save (to myallocator only, to all channels, or to selected channels).
  4. The system will save the rate up until March 7, 2022 (4 years ahead starting from 2018, 07 March).
Enabling Automatic Availability Extension Feature

Log in to your myallocator account:

  1. Access Automatic Adjustments Tab.
  2. Click to Enable 'Extend Availability automatically'.
  3. Click 'Update' to save changes.

If the feature is enabled, myallocator will constantly provide the channel with availability and rates up to the Maximum Update Interval to avoid inventory gaps.

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