How to move Airbnb guests/reservations


The process described below shows how to move the guest from one room to another if the reservation was made on Airbnb.

Please note that this process is valid for ical connection (sync established by exchanging Airbnb and myallocator room links)
Find out more about how to connect Airbnb to myallocator using ical connection in this article: How to Setup Airbnb

Room Move Scenario

Let's assume the following:

  • Guest books Room A on Airbnb
  • Booking comes into Cloudbeds on Room A
  • Hotel Staff performs a Room Move to Room B
  • Airbnb is unaware of this change (due to the limited calendar connection)
  • Room A is available on Cloudbeds, Room B is occupied
  • However, both Room A and Room B are blocked in Airbnb due to this situation
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