Accepting Cloudbeds' updated Terms of Service


As noted in the article "Important Changes to Cloudbeds' Terms of Service and Privacy Policy" we have updated our Terms of Service to include specific provisions for the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) as well as providing a copy of Cloudbeds' Data Processing Agreement.

This article demonstrates how your acceptance is required and logged.

Terms of Service Pop-Up

Starting May 24, 2018, your property will be required to Accept our updated Terms of Service.  

The updated Terms of Service will be presented in a pop-up screen, and you will be required to click "Accept Terms" as shown below.

Note: if you do not wish to accept our Terms of Service, you must cancel your account.

Note: only myallocator users with "Sees MANAGE area" AND "Change Property Setup" permissions will be shown the Terms of Service.

Once the Terms have been accepted by the property, the Pop-Up will not show again.

Adding a New Property

If you add a new property to your myallocator account, you will also be required to accept the Terms of Service before creating the new property:

Signing In after May 24, 2018

From now on, upon signing in to myallocator, you will see the "By clicking "Login" you confirm that you accept the "Terms of Service" notation under the login screen.

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