Airbnb API - Minimum Requirements and FAQ (for myallocator users)


We are glad to announce Airbnb and Cloudbeds 2-Way API Integration! This article shows how to sign up for Airbnb API Connection

Benefits of the Airbnb API connection:

  1. Full sync between myallocator and Airbnb listings. We will automatically update your
    • rates
    • availability
    • restrictions (MinLos, MaxLos etc.)
    • cancellations
    • modifications
  2. The sync is instant and is not delayed
  3. Support of sync for room types with multiple units of availability 

Limitations of Airbnb API Connection

1. When the listing is connected via Airbnb API it's not possible to use the Smart Pricing and the discounts on Airbnb:

  • Length-of-stay discounts
  • Early-bird discounts
  • Last-minute discounts

If you're selling the accommodations with discounts at the moment - please pay attention to this limitation as after the sync all the discounts will be disabled. A fix for this limitation will be coming soon.

2.    In Japan, Airbnb doesn't accept listings created through API-connected software for accommodations (minpaku) used for Housing Accommodations business under the Japanese Housing Accommodation Business (Act No.65 of 2017). The only exception to the policy is for Japanese API partners who have entered into the license agreement with regard to Airbnb brand and intellectual properties within Japan.

To learn more about this topic, please refer to the following links:

Things to Keep in Mind before Sign-up Process:

  1. Airbnb has minimum requirements for API connection (see section "Airbnb Minimum Requirements" below)
  2. We suggest you try the connection on a less busy day and not on Friday or the weekend as the manual approval of your listings after starting the connection can take up to 48 hrs according to their requirements.
  3. Airbnb does not currently accept listings for the API connection in the following select urban markets:
    • New York, NY, USA
    • Los Angeles, CA, USA
    • Boston, MA, USA
    • Portland, OR, USA
    • Montreal, Que., Canada
    • Singapore

To learn more about this restriction please get in touch with your Airbnb Account Manager

4. Visit this article to learn how to Connect Airbnb API to myallocator

Airbnb Minimum Requirements for API connection

To prepare for the API connection please make sure that all of your Airbnb property listings meet the following requirements.

Please note: Even if you were approved for API connection does not mean your listings will be approved on the mapping stage.

1. Listing's title

You should have at least 8 characters in the listing's title

2. Listing's description

Listing's description should be minimum 50 characters

3. Listing's pictures

Provide at least 7 photos for each listing and 3 high-quality photos (800px by 500px)

4. Listing's status should be Listed

Listing's status should be set to "Listed". If you will sync the listing in status "Unlisted" or "Snoozed" - it will remain in this status and it won't be possible to edit it unless the listing is disconnected

5. Listing's pricing and availability settings

After sync with myallocator some settings in Airbnb Extranet won't be editable ("Edit" button will be grayed out as shown in example below), so make sure they are correct before the sync:

1.Listings->open the listing you need->booking settings->"How guests can book"

2.Listings->open the listing you need->listing details->"Listing status"

3.Listings->open the listing you need->"Listing pricing"->ALL SETTINGS

4.Listings->open the listing you need->"Listing availability"->ALL SETTINGS

6. Extra guest price, fees and discounts

If you collect extra guest charge or fees - you should setup them before the sync (these parameters won't be editable after the sync with myfrontdesk):

Unfortunately, if you use special discounts - after we connect your listing with API, all the discounts will be disabled.

Please note that myallocator will only update and sync your base rate, which is on your myallocator calendar.  We do not send, update your discounts, any other pricing models on the channel

Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQ )
What are Channel Connection Features supported?
  • Automatic synchronization of your rates and availability - YES
  • Automatic adjustment for cancellations - YES
  • Sending Minimum Length of Stay - YES
  • Sending Maximum Length of Stay - YES
  • Sending Closed Days for Arrival/Departure - YES
  • Closing Rate Plan for Bookings - YES
  • Sending Single Use Rate - NO (sending price for 1 person/guest)
What are the property types which require manual review?

Reply provided by Airbnb team: "We are currently manually reviewing all traditional hospitality listings. This is determined by the property type as described in the Property Type Category of the listing management section.

The property types which are currently subject to manual review are bnb, boutique_hotel, hostel, lodge, timeshare, minsu, casa_particular, pension, pousada, ryokan, heritage_hotel, and serviced_apartment."

You may check your property type in Airbnb Extranet:

Which listing types other than house do not support the multi-inventory?

The answer is provided by Airbnb team:

"Room Type Inventory Policies:

Room Type inventory allows hosts to have multiple availabilities for the same listing on the same day. Hosts can group multiple rooms into a single “representative” set and use daily availability counts to manage the availability on the listing.

This feature should be implemented only when there is more than 1 room available per day for the listing, and when these rooms share similar attributes such that they can be considered true substitutes; the rooms should have the same amenities, bed configurations, size, decor, and address.

Note that listings with property type House are not eligible to be listed as Room Type Inventory"

How far in future myallocator updates the rates and availability of Airbnb?

Myallocator will send the rates and availability for upcoming 3 years out but Airbnb only shows 365 days

Have more questions? Contact Support