'Rules' Page. How to Delete Availability Rules Sent by PMS



On the 'Rules' page you can check:

  1. Pricing rules: all base rate adjustments set inside myallocator
  2. Availability rules: closeouts for specific channel and period set inside PMS and sent to myallocator

How to Edit the Rules on this Page?

It's not possible to change any rules on this page.

To update pricing rules - you need to go to the channel mapping and edit the base-rate adjustment for the specific channel.

Availability blocks can only be set inside an integrated PMS.

How to Delete Availability Rules sent by PMS?

If you disconnected from your PMS or switched to another PMS and haven't deleted the availability rules (closeouts) prior to disconnection - the availability rules will be saved in myallocator.

If you need to remove them, follow the steps below:

1. In myallocator go to Rules page

2. Under 'Availability Rules' section click 'Delete All'

3. Confirm the action

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