Hostelworld errors during and after connection


This article will help you understand the reason for the errors you may encounter during or after connecting Hostelworld to myallocator and how to solve them.

If you can't find the problem you're facing in this list, please contact our Support Team at You can also reach out to your Hostelworld Market Manager / Support Team if you have questions about the Expedia extranet.

If you are not connected to Hostelworld yet, please find the connection guide here: How to connect Hostelworld and/or Hostelbookers with myallocator 

Error during the connection process

Availability interface not enabled. Please contact the channel manager support.


This error message always means that Hostelworld has not been enabled for your property for use with myallocator.


You must contact your Hostelworld account manager and ask whether they have activated the connection between Hostelworld and myallocator for your property.

Errors during Full Refresh

Error: Mapped room has wrong number of beds

This error is shown if you have a private room on myallocator that doesn't match the number of beds on the channel. 


You have a double room on with an occupancy of 2, and you have this mapped to a room on Hostelworld with an occupancy of 3. This does not work and will lead to this error message. Please make sure the number of beds match.

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