Airbnb API - Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

All of my rooms are already connected to the iCal connection. When can we switch to the new API connection?

You can switch immediately! Enjoy the connection! If you have any questions, please email us at

How many photos can we upload to Airbnb?

You can upload as many photos as you like.

Which Channel Connection Features are supported?
  • Automatic synchronization of your rates and availability - YES
  • Automatic adjustment for cancellations - YES
  • Sending Minimum Length of Stay - YES
  • Sending Maximum Length of Stay - YES
  • Sending Closed Days for Arrival/Departure - YES
  • Closing Rate Plan for Bookings - YES
  • Sending Single Use Rate - NO (sending price for 1 person/guest)
Which listing types (other than 'house') do not support multi-inventory?

The answer is provided by the Airbnb team:

"Room Type Inventory Policies:

Room Type inventory allows hosts to have multiple availabilities for the same listing on the same day. Hosts can group multiple rooms into a single “representative” set and use daily availability counts to manage the availability on the listing.

This feature should be implemented only when there is more than 1 room available per day for the listing, and when these rooms share similar attributes such that they can be considered true substitutes; the rooms should have the same amenities, bed configurations, size, decor, and address.

Note that listings with property type House are not eligible to be listed as Room Type Inventory"

How far in future myallocator updates the rates and availability of Airbnb?

Myallocator will send the rates and availability for the next 3 years to Airbnb but Airbnb only shows 365 days.

Will Myallocator or Airbnb override instant book settings, especially with regards to the guest requirements section?

When your listing is connected via the Airbnb API, myallocator will automatically turn on the instant booking on Airbnb, and it will not be possible to disable it unless you disconnect the channel. As for the guest requirements section, guest trip information we will not override this information.

Why the daily rates are different from the availability page in the reservation payout?

Although each daily rate may not be the same in your availability page, Airbnb takes the total reservation amount and divide it by the number of nights, displaying that as the daily rate.

For example, in this reservation for 7 days, the daily rates in the calendar were:

  • Friday $29
  • Saturday $23.20
  • Sunday $23.20
  • Monday $18
  • Tuesday $18
  • Wednesday $18
  • Thursday $18

Total: $147.40

Airbnb divided the total by the number of nights, displayed it differently ($21.00/night) to make it more appealing to the guest, and the total is rounded up to $148.00, as follows:

Why can't I see weekly/monthly discounts for my dorm rooms in Airbnb extranet?

When you configure a discount for dorm rooms in myallocator mapping, you will not see these discounts reflected in Airbnb extranet settings. It does not mean that the discount is not being applied.

On myallocator side, the pricing with the discount is already calculated and sent to the channel based on the length of stay and dates.

Therefore, when weekly/monthly discounts for dorm rooms are created, the channel already receives the rates with the discounts applied according to the length of stay, number of guests and check-in/check-out dates.

If you check a reservation that was done within the weekly or monthly discount rule, you will notice that the final rate already includes discount compared to your calendar rates.

Why the room price showing on Airbnb website is different from myallocator?

There can be different reasons why the room price is different between the two systems. The most common issues:

  • There are taxes and fees upcoming from Airbnb.
  • There are discounts and pricing rules setup on Airbnb such us Length of Stay discount, Cancelation Policy discount (Refundable vs Non-Refundable), Last Minute discount, etc.

Check the following article for more information: How to Connect Airbnb API to myallocator, see 'Step 3: Set Up/Edit Room Configuration Details'

If none of the above is your case please reach out to our support team and they will investigate further.

How can I disable the old Airbnb iCal connection?

If you have Airbnb iCal connection active - you need to disable it when you connect to Airbnb API.

  1. Go to Channels
  2. Go to Airbnb (iCal)
  3. Delete all the links
  4. Go back to the channel and remove the check mark

Now when your rates and availability in Airbnb are controlled by myfrontdesk, it's important to make sure that the rates and availability are correct on the channel.

To preview Airbnb listing, its prices and availability (as your guest will see it), follow the steps below:

  1. Log in to Airbnb Extranet and go to 'Listings'
  2. Open the listing that you want to check and click 'Preview listing'
  1. On the new page you will see a header 'Preview mode'
  1. Select the dates of stay and number of guests

Check the rates and availability accuracy, they should match base rates and availability on myfrontdesk for the selected room type (listing)

How can I fix errors during Airbnb API mapping process?

Please check Errors during Airbnb API mapping process and issues after connection with detailed information on the errors that may occur on the mapping process and how to fix them.

Does myallocator connect to Lux Retreats through Airbnb API?

Luxury Retreats is a separate OTA owned by Airbnb. Please check further information about this OTA in this article.

Why I didn't receive Airbnb guest email?

As of August 17th 2020, Airbnb no longer sends any guest emails for reservations, but you can still use Airbnb messaging and phone numbers.  

How do I stop the sync between myfrontdesk and an Airbnb listing?

There could be possible reasons why you'd like to stop sync between Airbnb and myallocator. Please click on the step-by-step if you want to:

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