Setting multiple rates for the same room type (occupancy-based pricing)


In myallocator, we can set two types of Rates:

1. Single Use Rate
2. Rate

This article will explain the difference between both rate types.


The Single Use Rate is the price for your room when only one person books the room.  Only certain channels allow us to set a Single Use Rate.  Other channels will ignore this rate.

Channels that currently support single use rates are: Orbitz, ClearTrip, Goibibo, LastMinute,,,, Tomas,, Atrapalo, BestDay, Agoda, Reconline, Traveloka, MakeMyTrip, BBPlanet, Expedia (OBP pricing only), BookVisit, HotelTravel, GTA, TripAdvisor.

The Rate is the price for the full occupancy of the room.


  • Room:  Standard Queen
  • Rate for full occupancy:  100
  • Single Use Rate:  90

In the example above, the property is choosing to discount the Single Use Rate if just one person books the room. This is how it looks in myallocator:

You will notice that we are unable to set other occupancy rates, such as for 3 people, 4 people, 5 people - it's because myallocator cannot set rates for other occupancies.
The "Rate" is considered the "Full Occupancy" rate, and the only other rate we can set is for Single Use.  

Can I set other occupancy rates directly on the channels?

The answer is Yes - for those channels that support Rate Plans.  
Not all channels support Rate Plans (like Hostelworld, and most other hostel-based channels).  Other channels do support Rate Plans (like Expedia, and other hotel-based channels). 

For - please check this article that discusses how to use Rate Plans for this channel specifically.  

For Expedia - check this article for more information about Expedia's pricing models

For other channels, check How do I manage multiple rate plans or occupancy based pricing on channels?

How do occupancy prices work with the BookNow widget?

The examples below show the different prices for "Single Use" rate versus the regular "Rate".

Example 1

1 person is booking the "Private 2 person" room at a rate of $30.00 for Single Use.  
The "Total" will be 30.00 since it is just for one person.

Example 2

2 people are booking the "Private 2 person" room (full occupancy) at the standard "Rate" of 50 for both people combined.

Myallocator can only update two "Occupancy-based" rates: the full occupancy "Rate" and the "Single Use Rate".

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