Errors during Airbnb API mapping process and issues after connection


The article describes the possible errors which you may receive during Airbnb API connection to myallocator and their solutions.

If you need assistance in resolving the error - please contact our Support team at

1. The room is unlisted on Airbnb (because it was 'Unlisted' before connection)

ISSUE: If the listing was set to status 'Unlisted' before the connection with myallocator - it will remain in this status after the connection.  You also can't change the status of the room directly in Airbnb because the room is synced with myallocator.


1) Stop the sync between Airbnb listing and myallocator

2) In Airbnb change the listing status to 'Listed'

3) Sync the rooms again (please, check the Connection Guide)

2. Nightly Base Price is not correct and not editable on Airbnb

ISSUE: After connection is done you notice that nightly base price is not correct on Airbnb and is also greyed out so you can't edit it.


1) Go to Airbnb API mapping page and click on 'Update' button for the listing with incorrect nightly base price

2) Click 'Import settings from Airbnb (API) extranet'

3) Scroll down to 'Price Settings' section and input the correct amount in the 'Listing Base Nightly Price' field

4) Click 'Save and Sync'

5) Click the 'Next' button until you see the message "You are done!"

3. "Your daily price is too low/high"

ISSUE: During full refresh the system responds with an error "myallocator request sent to airbnb via api hasn't passed validation process. Details: [Your daily price is too low/high. The minimum/maximum is ...]".

It means that the rate you're trying to send to Airbnb listing from myallocator is out of limitation set in Airbnb for minimal/maximal daily rate.


1) Reach out to Airbnb Support team to assist you with changing the min/max daily rate or change your base rates in myallocator so that they meet your Airbnb rate limitations.

2) Make sure that the currencies are matched between myallocator and Airbnb. If you use different currencies in both systems - you can convert the currency you use in myallocator to the currency you use in Airbnb.

  • To check the currency you use in Airbnb, go to your Airbnb account >Host > Manage Listing > select your listing which will open a new page > Price Setting (top right hand corner) > Base Price > Currency
  • You can select the currency for Airbnb API on 'Currency' page in myallocator
4. Software Error

ISSUE: "We are very sorry but a software error has occurred. Please email us at to notify us of any steps you might have taken which reached this screen"

SOLUTION: In most cases this issue may occur because of technical problems in the system. Please contact us at to investigate and fix the issue.

5. "This listing's property type does not support multiple inventories"

ISSUE: "Failed: Myallocator request sent to AirBnb via API hasn't passed validation process. Details: [Invalid value: available_count. This listing's property type does not support multiple inventories"]

SOLUTION: The error occurs if the property type on Airbnb is set to "House".

Change the property type to any other type:

6. The booking is auto-declined on channel

Th reservations can be automatically declined on Airbnb if the maximum number of guests for a listing doesn't match between myallocator and Airbnb.

For example, max number of guests is set to 5 - on Airbnb, 3 - in myallocator; the reservation is made for 4 guests. Airbnb will allow to make this reservation but it will mark it as 'declined' in few seconds. That happens because after reservation is made Airbnb sends us request to check availability, and while booking was made for more guests than what myallocator allows  - the reservation gets declined.

SOLUTION: Match the number of max guests on Airbnb and myallocator for all mapped listings

7. API Communication Error (or 403 error)

ISSUE: API Communication Error (also from backlog Customer Support can see the code of the error - "403")


1) The reason why you may receive this error is because the user who is requesting the authorization of  Airbnb + myallocator - is not the Airbnb listing owner (your user may be co-owner). The only user who is allowed to manage the listing to establish the connection is the main Airbnb owner.

2) Another reason of the error is that the Airbnb user (who is trying to authorize Airbnb to sync with myallocator) has a flag on his profile. That means that the user must log in to their Airbnb account and follow the process to review the listing standards.

8. Myallocator is not authorized to manage user's listings through API

ISSUE: When trying to connect Airbnb API user sees an error "Myallocator is not authorized to manage user's listings through API"


SOLUTION: One of the reasons this error appears is because on Airbnb the user is connected to another channel manager.

Disconnect that channel manager from Airbnb and connect Cloudbeds (myallocator) instead

9. Listing was rejected by Airbnb

SOLUTION: If you see this error - you may contact Airbnb Support team to check what is the reason of the listing being rejected:

10. "Pass through taxes are not available for this listing"

This error indicates that the taxes that are listed on the room configuration step of the mapping process are not allowed by Airbnb. Please reach out to Airbnb at to request their assistance on this issue. For more details on how taxes work on Airbnb, please visit: How do taxes work for hosts?

11. "The token used to authenticate your property when making API requests to AirBnb has become obsolete"

ISSUE: When sending a full refresh you encounter the following error:

This problem happens when Cloudbeds/Myallocator App has been disconnected from the Airbnb extranet or your Airbnb account password has been reset.

SOLUTION: The connection between myallocator and Airbnb API needs to be reset. Please check the following solutions for each scenario:

Make sure to log out from any Airbnb account on your browser as the system may connect to that account automatically

1) Cloudbeds/Myallocator App is disconnected from Airbnb extranet

Go to Airbnb API channel mapping in myallocator > click on the 'Reauthorize" link (1)  > a window will pop up for you to reconnect Airbnb to Cloudbeds/MyAllocator > select "I agree to the Airbnb Additional Terms of Service" (2) > click Allow (3)

2) Airbnb account password is reset

Go to Airbnb API channel mapping in myallocator

  1. click on the 'Reauthorize" link
  2. On the pop up window, click on the Airbnb logo and then log out
  3. Click on the Airbnb logo once again and then log in
  4. Enter your Airbnb login details with the new password

If the issue persists, please reach out to our Support team at

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