Step 2: Setting up Rooms


The next step in setting up your myallocator account is to setup your Rooms.

  • We strongly recommend creating distinct room types (ex: 'Standard Dorm' or 'Women's Dorm') and not separate individual rooms (ex 'Standard Dorm Room 1').  Most channels are designed to work with room types and attempting to map multiple individual rooms in myallocator to a single room type from a channel can result in technical issues.
  • For every accommodation type created on myallocator, you also need to create it inside the OTA channel extranet and later they can be connected through the channel room mapping.

1. Getting Started

  1. Log into myallocator by Cloudbeds
  1. Click 'Manage' and select 'Room Types'
  2. Click 'New Room Type'

2. Create your new Room Type

  1. Give the room type a name

These room types will map to the same room types that you have setup on your travel agency sites, so be sure to name them appropriately so that you’ll be able to tell them apart from each other.

  1. Give the room an optional description (some channels such as Tripadvisor Instant Booking require this)
  2. Choose the number of rooms that you have for this type
  3. Select the room type - if this is a private room or a shared dorm
  4. Select the occupancy (how many people) this room can accommodate
  • Private room: the Occupancy is the max number of people who can occupy the room
  • Shared dormitory: occupancy is the total number of beds, and one person per bed is assumed
  1. If the room is a shared dorm, be sure to designate if the gender is male, female, or mixed
  2. You can add Amenities to the room (optional, currently only used for Tripconnect Instant booking)
  3. Add Images for your room  (optional, currently only used for Tripconnect Instant booking)
  4. Click Add to create your room type

Repeat these steps for other room types in your property

Have more questions? Contact Support