Step 5: Activate Automatic Settings


Myallocator works best when it is configured to adjust your availability and rates as quickly as possible. The two main settings that we will be going over in this article are Automatic Adjustments and Download Bookings.

This step is optional, but enabling these settings is highly recommend to get the most out of your myallocator experience. Not doing so can leave you at a higher risk of overbookings and you will need to continue to manually manage all your inventory instead of allowing myallocator to automate most of the process for you.

Step 1. Log into myallocator by Cloudbeds

Step 2. Automatic Adjustments:

Automatic adjustments allow myallocator to update your bookings from all your connected channels. This is extremely important and is how myallocator adjusts your room inventory when a new booking is made. Not enabling this will require you to always manually update to ensure proper inventory.

Follow these steps to enable automatic adjustments:

  1. Click 'Manage'
  2. Select 'Automatic Adjustments'
  3. Select 'On'
  4. Click 'Update'

Step 3. Cancellation Settings

On the Automatic Adjustments page you will also notice an option of how to treat cancellations.

Step 4. Turn on Download Bookings

Download Bookings allows myallocator to download the new bookings from all of your channels. This is also extremely important, as this feature is how myallocator receives the bookings from your channels, and updates inventory in each of your systems (PMS, Channels).

Note: Any bookings or reservations made before this option is enabled will not be imported into myallocator and will need to be entered manually.

To turn on this feature, complete the following steps:

  1. Click 'Manage'
  2. Select 'General Details'
  3. Select 'On'
  4. Click 'Update'

Step 5. Save Changes and Refresh your myallocator Account

Note: This will erase any rates and availability which were on the channel before. Only do this once you have added the availability of this channel to your inventory.

  1. Go to 'Availability'
  2. Click 'Save'
  3. Select 'Save to myallocator and all channels'
  4. Click 'Send' to update your channels and ensure that your newly selected automatic settings are enabled.


Your myallocator account setup is now complete. Your availability and rates can now be updated in one place while also having your reservations delivered to a single, convenient location.

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